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Hoppes Hoppes 9 Bob's Bore Snake (9mm, .357, .380, .38)

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The Hoppe's Boresnake Viper is a ground-breaking evolution in the world of firearm maintenance. Building on the renowned technology of the original Boresnake, it enhances the cleaning power with an additional set of brushes. The objective is simple: to provide an efficient, one-pass bore cleaning solution that eradicates the tediousness typically associated with firearm cleaning, while maintaining an unrivaled thoroughness in its cleaning process.

One of the pivotal features of the Boresnake Viper is the integration of bronze brushes into its design. These brushes serve a crucial function - they efficiently scrub out carbon fouling from the bore of your firearm. Any experienced firearm owner knows how persistent carbon fouling can be, and the Boresnake Viper ensures this won't be a problem you'll have to encounter.

But the Viper doesn't stop at just carbon fouling. The tail of this cleaning solution is ingeniously designed to clear the barrel of any loose debris. In comparison to a standard patch, the tail provides a whopping 160 times larger surface area. This simply means that the amount of debris it can clear in a single pass is substantially more, resulting in a firearm that’s cleaner than ever before.

The leading end of the Viper houses an integrated cone-shaped bore guide, another thoughtful feature designed to facilitate a more efficient cleaning process. This guides the cleaner through the bore, ensuring no spot is missed during the cleaning process.

Moreover, the brass weight on the pull cord has the caliber stamped on it. This is a handy, straightforward reference that firearm enthusiasts will appreciate. It’s clear that the Viper isn’t just about practicality; it’s about creating an intuitive, user-friendly experience as well.

Transportation and storage have been taken into account too. The Boresnake Viper Den, a robust case for the Viper, now includes a T-handle for easier pull through of your pistol. This not only adds convenience to the cleaning process, but also provides a secure and efficient way to transport and store your Boresnake Viper. The lid of the Viper Den doubles as a pull handle, making it easier to remove the Viper when it's time to clean your firearm.

Moreover, the Viper is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Recognizing that different firearms have different requirements, the Boresnake Viper is available in five different pistol calibers. This allows users to select the Viper that’s perfect for their firearm, thus ensuring maximum compatibility and efficiency.

To sum it up, the Hoppe's Boresnake Viper is a revolutionary product that pushes the boundaries of firearm maintenance. Its thoughtful design, improved efficiency, and user-oriented features make it a must-have for firearm owners. This is not just a cleaning tool - it's an investment towards the longevity and performance of your firearm.

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