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YUGO Yugo M-49/57 Parts Kit

Product Code : CDYM49/57


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Introducing our Surplus Yugo M49/57 Parts Kit - a unique blend of history and versatility, perfect for your next project. This demilled kit, in surplus condition, allows you the flexibility to construct it either in 7.62x25mm or 9MM.

The M49 submachine guns, stemming from Yugoslav origins, are renowned for their design, akin to the PPSh-41. Chambered in 7.62x25mm Tokarev, they were the staple weapons for the Yugoslav People's Army. The unique feature of the M49 is its ability to interchange magazines, making it a standout in its class. Drawing parallels in design and construction to the Italian Beretta 38, the M49 is a testament to robust engineering.

The M49 boasts of Select Fire capabilities, the switch nestled conveniently in the trigger guard. Ensuring safety, it also features a push-button type safety switch on the side stock, just ahead of the trigger group. The M49 flaunts a solid wood stock, reminiscent of the M48 Mauser rifle, offering an air of nostalgia. The rear receiver cap can be unscrewed for disassembling the M49, allowing all internal parts to be removed through the opening.

The M49/57 versions present minor differences from the original M49, preserving the classic elements while adding a touch of innovation. Take home a piece of history for your collection or as the foundation for your next semi-auto or replica gun build. Please note that a receiver and barrel are required to complete the kit. No FFL required, as this kit does not constitute a complete firearm.

Please be aware that due to the demilling process, certain small components like pins/springs may be missing or unserviceable. This variance can be expected from kit to kit.

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